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Date: 14th June 2016
Electromagnetic Brake Disc Vertical Balancing Machine
Electromagnetic Brake Disc Vertical Balancing Machine?Production Description?? Specially designed,Website:,solid brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force? Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity and good linearity? Permanent calibration brings high accuracy? Special clamp offers higher accuracy and easier operation? Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface? As the customer's request,the de-weighting system can be equiped?Range of Application?Brake Disc Balancing Machine is a new and widely-used device which has been available and developed in recent years. It is mainly applied to balance all kinds of discoid parts, such as brake disc balancing,brake drum balancing,saw blade balancing,pump impeller balancing,flywheel balancing,grinding wheel balancing,fan blade balancing,belt pulley balancing,chuck balancing,range hood fan balancing,etc ..Configure a dedicated pneumatic clamps, install quickly.?Special Features?The measuring unit employs JP-580 Electrical Measuring unit is a system of top function and precision. It can be applied in all kinds of single/double plate and hard/soft bearing machines, and can be connected with different velocity and pressure sensors easily. The unit adopts industrial computer made in Yanxiang Industry Co, which equiped with 17-inch LCD screen and Windows XP Operating System. Featuring with high running speed and reliabilitystrong dustproof and shakeproof ability, it is applicable to various industrial environments.
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