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Date: 14th June 2016
Clutch Disc Automatic Vertical Balancing Correction Machines
Clutch Disc Automatic Vertical Balancing Correction Machines?Production Description???Manual loading and unloading? 15-inch touch screen??Advanced balancing measuring software??Automatic measure,Website:,automatic milling and correction,automatic retest??Rigidity structure design,with a longer use life?Range of Application?Automatc Vertical Balancing Correction Machine A1LX20 is designed specially for the automatic balancing of ?disc-shaped parts in one plane,Automatc Vertical Balancing Correction Machine A1LX20 with one station is one of ?the advanced vertical balancing machine of shanghai jianping,the whole balancing task is competely automatically including measuring,indexing,milling correction and checking,A1LX20 is a good choice to mass produce with short cycle time,high efficiency and high accuracy?Electrical Measuring System (Option)???Production Parameters?Data RotorsMax Mass of Workpiece(kg)35Max Diameter of Workpiece (mm)450Balancing Unit ParameterSpindle Speed (r/min)800Motor Power(kw)1.5Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar)5g? mm/kgUnbalance CorrectionMaximum Milling Depth(mm)Depending on rotorMaximum Milling Width(mm)Depending on rotorCutting Speed(r/min)900Cutting Spindle Motor Power(kw)2.2Maximum Milling Angle(degree)0-90Milling Cutter Range(mm)60-125Machine ParameterPower(kw)6Weight(ton)1.5Dimensions(mm)900*1600*1800
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